Social Security

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Do you know that a spouse can receive the larger of the two Social Security checks she and her husband received, but not both.  So, basically the surviving spouse ends up with half the income and all the expenses.Widows younger than age 65 should be able to receive their deceased husband’s Social Security income.

What happens to all the money paid into the Social Security fund by the surviving spouse?  We paid in for years.  That money is ours.  Here is a link to “Social Security Benefits for Widows and Widowers”.


We’ve all paid into Social Security and Medicare on every paycheck prior to age 65.  By the way, Social Security is taxable.  Should not be.

When you are eligible for Medicare, Social Security deducts an additional $135+ monthly from your already diminutive check.  When you use Medicare be prepared to pay 20% of the bill because Medicare pays only 80%.

But, no worries.  You can always buy a supplemental insurance plan to cover the 20%, but it will cost you around $125 or more monthly.

Prescription Insurance

You will probably want to get a prescription card to cover your medications.  Mine was issued through Medicare and has a $380 deductible for certain drugs.  Generic drugs for common ailments are zero pay, but I will be paying retail for the more expensive drugs I need until I have paid the deductible.  After that is satisfied, I can purchase those drugs at 40% retail.

That brings us to the skyrocketing cost of drugs.  One drug I need is $1,000.  So if I get my $380 deductible paid, I will pay $600 with my prescription insurance.

Of course, the prescription card costs me $16 per month, on top of my Medicare supplemental insurance.

I’m just one person, but I’d sure like to see someone with some clout approach Washington with this terrible, debilitating problem.

Widows/widowers on Social Security are having to make choices about whether to pay for the prescription or pay the light bill.  Thanks for helping us help them.

Please help me help these deserving people.