Perk Up!

self-love-3208894_1920 sad face

First, I don’t care who you are, getting your hair done helps a lot.  Don’t have money for a salon?  Maybe you have a neighbor or a friend who can give you a cut and curl.  Or just do something to your own hair. How about a shower and shampoo, followed by blow dry and curling?

Put on some makeup, for goodness sake!  Did you see that image in the mirror this morning?  Were you discouraged?  Let’s take steps to make her look better.

Before you do anything else, decide to get dressed for the rest of the day anticipating maybe going out in the public.  Maybe a pair of slacks or jeans and a decent looking top.  Next, put on some makeup.  It will do wonders for your self-esteem, and your friends and family will treat you better because you look better than the last time they saw you!

Next (this will make you feel silly but do it anyway).  Next, look in your bathroom mirror and smile.  That’s right.  Smile.  It’s alright if your eyes are red and baggy, give it a try.  (That’s why I recommended makeup!).

Grief is still going to come over you like waves, so go ahead and cry through it, but don’t stay there.  The good times will overtake the bad times sooner or later.  Pray, call a friend and go for coffee, pray, take a nap, go for a walk, pray.